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charass - 07/02/17 17:31

Mom i can't believe what i'm about to do..
I think have found the girl i would like to bring back home to you..
She is my jewel..
She is my desire..
She is the one i want..
She is my everything..
She is all i need..
I think have found the love of my life..
She is the answer to my question..
My Angel, you are my good luck charm..
Where ever i go, i come back to your arms..
I won't eat outside, i won't sleep outside..
Till i come home, back to your smile..
I can't wait to start a family with you..
When we have babies, one will look like me and one would look like you..
If all i see right now is a dream, please don't wake me up..
If i have to fight, i won't give you up..
Am so glad i can call you mine..
You are the one i have been missing..
Its all about YOUR SMILE..

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