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How much does it cost to use the site?
Kobrawap does not charge for mobile content but your standard operator charges will apply.
Login Help
If you're having login problems tick the no cookies option on login, if you're an O2 user we strongly recommend this.
Access Keys?
The site does use access key for speedy navigation. Press and hold the 0 to return to the home page, press 5 to go to the top of the current page and press 8 to go to the bottom.
How do I contact a moderator or admin?
You can send a message when logged in to the user moderator or admin or use the Contact Us Form if you're not registered.
How do I upload a photo?
Firstly you must Login or Register and then go to Upload Photo. In the first box Image to upload you will need to browse and select the image you want to upload. If there is no option to browse to the photo, your phone doesn't support the uploading of images. You can however upload images via a computer by visiting
What does 'hide a photo' mean?
The photo will not come up in the random photo generator and people will not be able to rate your photo. You can click show photo to reverse this.
Set Profile / Unset Profile?
By setting your photo, this will be the default photo displayed in your profile, if all photos are unset(default) the photo with the highest average score will be displayed. Only one photo can be set at a time, by setting two photos the previous photo will be unset.
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