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The site is designed to be fun and entertaining for all. For this reason we have a few basic rules we ask you to follow so everyone can enjoy it.

1) Do not signup with an offensive username.

2) Do not signup with a username containing contact information or web address.

3) Do not use Abusive or Racist comments anywhere in the site, they will not be tolerated.

4) Do not use the site to advertise other products or URLs.

5) Uploaded photos will all be checked before being displayed, so keep your photos clean, no porn, advertisements, copyrighted content etc. Do not include URLs or email addresses in photos.

6) The site is for people 16 years and over.

7) Do not include racial, abusive, URLS or contact information in your profile.

8) You are responsible for what you post so please keep it clean and do not spam.

9) The site language is English, we ask you to use English in the Chat Rooms and Forums.

10) Do not create multiple usernames.

11) Be good and everyone will enjoy themself.

We reserve the right to change these rules at any time and ban anyone without consulting them first.

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